The firm regularly advises leading international banks, credit institutions, investors, individual lenders and borrowers on international financing transactions across a wide range of businesses in the commercial, financial and governmental sectors. 

Members of the firm have extensive experience in banking and finance transactions involving multiple jurisdictions, including acquisition and asset finance, project and property finance and in drafting and negotiating instruments ranging from syndicated loan agreements to bridge finance facilities, trade finance agreements, prepayment finance agreements, sale and leaseback Agreements, fixed term loans as well as in the drafting and enforcement of security documents such as, inter alia, mortgage agreements, assignment agreements, pledge agreements and floating and fixed charge agreements. 

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    February 2024

    Payments, Deductions, Payroll, Record Keeping, Penalties. Important provisions on the protection of employees’ wages in accordance with the Protection of Wages Law 35(I)/2007, as amended (the “Protection of Wages Law”):  Payments:  As a rule, employers must pay employees’ salaries as follows: Cash payments are allowed only in exceptional cases explicitly outlined in the Protection of […]

    December 2023

    Yesterday 30 November 2023, the Plenary of the House of Representatives approved the extension of the Debt Restructuring provisions until the 31st December 2024.  The Debt Restructuring provisions allow for various tax reliefs and incentives in respect of transactions involving transfer of immovable properties by debtors to lenders, reflected in seven different laws. The context […]

    November 2023

    A proposal for a new law regulating the working conditions on Telework in the private sector has been approved by the Plenary of the House of Representatives last Thursday, 16 November 2023. Despite the developments that have taken place in recent years at national level in relation to telework and its gradual implementation by companies, […]